You care for the kids, we'll handle the books.

Daycare Accounting

Nobody decides to run a daycare because they dream of managing payroll or paying quarterly estimated taxes. You choose the profession because of your passion for children. Unfortunately, accounting tasks are as much a part of a successful daycare operation as toys and diapers. Working with an accounting firm that specializes in daycare accounting frees you to focus on your top priority — the safety and happiness of the children in your charge.

Storytelling and creative play, music time and rainy-day activities may seem like child’s play, but they require time and effort to plan and prepare for. Combine that with issues of compliance, staffing, and the million other details required in caring for other people’s children and it’s clear that a full-service accounting firm is a practical, smart solution.

Ceiba Accounting provides everything from bookkeeping and accounts payable to tax planning and consulting services. We’ll provide the services you need seamlessly so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss our daycare accounting services.